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    Please help with Database Design Report



      Please help with Database Design Report



      I am new to a File Maker and I am trying to figure out how to determine which column in the database table not been used by FileMaker application

      I run Database Design Report, but looking at it cannot figure it out.



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          FileMaker has fields defined for each column in a table view. Determine the field name for the column and after generating the DDR, use your browser to search the report for that text. In Internet Explorer 8 on my windows XP system, I open the report, press ctrl-F to open a search box and then type or paste the name of the field into this box. The browser will scroll to and highlight the first reference to this field automatically and I can use "next" to scroll to each reference in turn.

          If you field has a very generic name, you might want to change it's name in Manage | Database | Fields to something very unique before creating the report so that you can search the report without "finding" text the same as the field name but actually part of a different name.