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    Please help with something that should be so simple



      Please help with something that should be so simple


           Hi and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. It's something so simple yet for some reason I just can't grasp the concept on how it will work and how to create what I need to (portals etc) and to get it to function correctly.


           Here's what I'm trying to do:

           I need to create a table and layout called Contracts. Each contract should have info on the top, then a portal on the bottom. The records in the portal are invoices. When you click it, it should open up to that invoice. Each invoice should have information on the top and the it should also have a portal which is called 'Trips'

           So, each contract can have multiple invoices, each invoice can have multiple trips. 

           I have read various tutorials and tried to change an invoice example to get it to work but for some reason, I'm just missing the point until I get upset and frustrated with myself for not being able to acomplish something which should be reletivley simple to achieve. 

           As I understand it, there needs to be a 'lines' table for each one. Each with a foreign key linking it to the tables either side. I hope that makes sense?

           My relationship is below:


           If possible, could someone please let me know what it is I need to do to get this idea working? Thank you again for any help or directions you can offer. 

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               The Invoice starter solution will work without any changes.  You could make the fields more descriptive for your needs, but there is no need to change any relationship. You didn't state anything about contracts, you have a table / table occurance of contracts, but no other information.  I would have to have more information on the contracts before I could give any recommendation about tracking that information.

               If you use the Invoice starter solution. You would have multipe trips entered into the producst table which you could add contract inforation in the description of the trip. 

               You would then add a new customer or use an existing customer  then add an invoice or modify an old invoice and then select the trip from the products table to enter on the invoice.