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    Please Help with this problem



      Please Help with this problem


      Hi i like to know how to do this type of work

      I import pdf file in to my container , after it upload in to my container field this File should export in to another folder in my mac but this should linked with filemaker databse as reference.

      why i need this is

      lets say i have PDF in my document folder so i press the button from file maker script runs & let me choose the file which i wanted to add to container, then i selct and add it, in this moment this PDF File is part of my database. But i need to care about the size of database too. so  i wanted to export this field content in to another folder (this folder is dedicated to this only this filemaker solution and it never move) and relink this newly exported one as a reference. so i save my filemaker file size also.  But  be honest with you i dont think this is the best idea, this is just i thought, But i am open up to your sudgestions .

      How to acomplish this


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          It's fairly simple to do with a script. First, the script uses insert file to insert the file into the container field. Set it up so the dialog box pops up so that the user can find the file they want to insert.

          Script 2 uses export field contents to export the field to your specified location and then uses insert file to re-insert it from that new location with the "store by reference" option enabled.

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            I do that in several databases.  I usually make the container field a button that runs the insert file script.  Script 2 is set to run from a script trigger on that container field when it is modified.  As a safety measure, to prevent like named files from being overwritten, I rename the file to the recordID & "-" & filename. (we get alot of attachments from customers with names like  "Scan001.pdf")

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              Hi Phil and Mark ,

              Thanks for your help, there is another one i would like  to figure.  This continer field should be able to access by 2 office. I share  this database over internet using FM sever . Now  should i create folder in server and add that folder path in to export location ? In this method  will it be possible to see all the container data from both side ?



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                For it to be visible to both sites, they both have to map and mount to the shared folder wtih identical file paths.

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                  Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply.

                  need suggestion from you Cry,

                  I am developing FM solutions which has lot of container images/ PDF.  What i did was create 2 Files, 01 is for Data entry and one one is for Storing Files.

                  01. Order 02.ex files. so the all the container will go and store the file under "Ex Files" table.(using portals)

                  my problem is when i use it over Filemaker Server , this database is really slow. for the moemnt it has only 14 records . Ex files capasity about 10 MB.  But the record navigation is bit slow.  what is your suggestion to make it faster ?

                  I made indexing off and remove some of back gound graphics which i used , Then i saw there is good progress But still that need to tune up. I have attached few of png buttons which i download from internet but they are really small , will it caused this type of problem ?

                  thanks in advance

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                    Can't really tell from here what might be the factor. Turning indexing off would be more likely to slow down performance rather than improve it. Where you see a signficant performance hit with indexing on is when you import large numbers of records and FileMaker has to update multiple indexes with every new/modified record during the import.

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                      yes you were right i made all the indexing on now, i didnt see any much difference than last time. is this because of container fields ?