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Please Help with this problem

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jun 17, 2011
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Please Help with this problem


Hi i like to know how to do this type of work

I import pdf file in to my container , after it upload in to my container field this File should export in to another folder in my mac but this should linked with filemaker databse as reference.

why i need this is

lets say i have PDF in my document folder so i press the button from file maker script runs & let me choose the file which i wanted to add to container, then i selct and add it, in this moment this PDF File is part of my database. But i need to care about the size of database too. so  i wanted to export this field content in to another folder (this folder is dedicated to this only this filemaker solution and it never move) and relink this newly exported one as a reference. so i save my filemaker file size also.  But  be honest with you i dont think this is the best idea, this is just i thought, But i am open up to your sudgestions .

How to acomplish this