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           Hi All!

           So i have a table, which consists of 1 record and i am using this as my setup location so the user can input information all into one spot and then have it be distributed to different layouts as necessary.

           One area in this "setup" record has 10 spots for team members.

           This area consists of 20 fields

           "ShowSetup::ContactTitle01" through "ShowSetup::ContactTitle10" and "ShowSetup::ContactName01" through "ShowSetup::ContactName10"

           These are laid out next to each other so the user can input 10 different "Titles" and their cooresponding "Names".

           I have another table, which has the contact information in it such as "Title" "Name" "Email" "Phone" etc.

           What i would like is for the user to be able to select from different titles in a drop down list in the first table mentioned in the "ShowSetup::ContactTitle01" through "ShowSetup::ContactTitle10" fields as well as be able to enter their own title.

           Once all the titles are entered, selected from the list, or left blank they can enter the names into the cooresponding "Name" fields

           What i would like next is for the user to go into the second table and find that all the titles and names they put in the first table are already inputed and can be customized or deleted from either table.

           Is this possible? Does this make any sense? Is this a situation where i would need a portal?

           If you could please help me out that would be much appreciated!!

           Thank You!

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               I think you need to take a closer look at how relational databases work. The idea is to set up your database so that such data does not need to be copied from one table to another in the first place.

               Fields with names that number them 01, 02,... 10 suggest that you can probably use a portal to a related table. Whether or not this is the case, it is possible to design your database so that when you enter or select data in these fields, you are actually editing the data in the fields you show on the other layout--no need to copy them over and then delete from the original at all.

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                 I got it to work! It works great! I did have to rethink. Thanks. 

                 I have a script that triggers on object modify.

                 The script looks to see if the "title" field says "Lighting" if it does it sets the field "DesName" to what's in the field "name"

                 There is the possibility that there could be two "title" fields that say "Lighitng" if this happens I would like the FileMaker to keep the first record already set to the "DesName" field in that field.

                 Is this possible?



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                   You'll need to describe what you have designed here in much more detail before I can suggest anything.

                   BTW, what you have done so far is not what I was suggesting.