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Please help! Portal/relationship question  new info

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Aug 29, 2011
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Please help! Portal/relationship question  new info


I have narrowed my problem down but I can't find a solution.

On portal billable time based on layout billable time, I add a new record.  To add additional info you click on a "D" button which takes you to a second tab with a portal based on billable timeselected.  On this portal, I have 4 fields; type, section, code, and description.

I enter in the field type.  everything okah.

return to first tab and enter in a new record.  New record in billable time is created but when I go to the second portal and click on field, it changes the field type in the billable time record in the layout on both new entries.  If I go back to the 1st record and change the field, again, it changes the field in both records.

Nothing else changes.

The relationships are as follows:

Billabletime = billableid; jobinformation = bilableidselected.

CodeSectionTypeSelected = sectionid; jobinformation = sectionidselected

codesectiontypeselected = type and billablieid = codesectionselected

codesectionselected = code and bilableid = codesectionselected 2


The first portal is based on table billable time

The second portal is based on billable time selected.

The billabletimeselected and sectionidselected are global fields

What am I doing wrong?  

Everything I have tried always ends up like this, with the new record field type replacing the old.


Carolyn Haywood