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    Please HELP! Security Privilege Settings



      Please HELP! Security Privilege Settings


      Hello fellow FM users and friends,


      I am stuck...I have managed to go in and set up our limits as far as editing, deleting, etc. But because of the line of work we're in I am in need of being able to secure the older records in the database but still be able to leave the ones that are active editable.  Does that make sense???  I have been going crazy trying to figure this one out! 


      I have legal documents that I want to be able to duplicate, edit and keep open to complete filling in in the near future whether it be in a few days or a few weeks; but I don't want any of the other employees to be able to edit any of the older documents only be able to duplicate and edit! No deleting and editing the original document!


      I left it where the fields needing completion were the only ones accessible but that left the original vulnerable also...please help? :(