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    PLEASE HELP!! Record all records



      PLEASE HELP!! Record all records


      Hi i am creating a stock control database with the latest FileMaker...


      I was wondering if there is a way to record all the goings on within the database on a daily basis. for example how much stock has been added and taken out. so if X takes 5 stock can that be recorded and saved as say a pdf file...




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          Howdy draychrys,


          You will probably want to look at a structure like:


          Material Table         Lot Sheet Table         Transactions Table

          Material ID --------< MaterialID                TransactionID

                                       LotID----------------< LotID


          Material Table will be the Ordered Material Details

          LotSheet Table will be the record of each lot of material received

          Transactions will be viewed through a portal to the Lot Sheet Table and list each "In" and "Out"


          Now you can have summaries of how much is left of each lot, each material, how much out over the last year, etc...


          Save to Pdf as appropriate...I just look at the dbase rather than a pdf.


          Is this what you're after?

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            I created the tables and I think iv linked them correctly but I don't know how to link it with the data I want to be recorded...

            It just says data unrelated on the layout and I don't know what to do...