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Please help!!! New to FileMaker

Question asked by DavidShnapek on Oct 13, 2011
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Please help!!! New to FileMaker



i am completely new to databases and new to filemaker. Before i purchase the product and start learning to use it, I want to know if i am able to do the following.  I own a tennis business, teaching students of all ages.  

Besides being able to add clients to the system, run monthly reports on revenue, add invoices, the most important task is tracking what students pay for.  Scenario - a new students pays for 4 privates sessions and gives me $100 amount of money.  Is there way to track lessons remaining.  For example - student take one of the lessons, i add in the system that lesson for taken, and the system tracks how many are left, i.e 3 lessons left ($75 remaining)This way i can always check if they need to repay for more lessons or if they have some remaining.  

Your help is much appreciate it!