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Please help, Printing Scripts with a twist

Question asked by FileBreakerPro on Jul 15, 2010
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Please help, Printing Scripts with a twist


I have a really hard time with scripts. i need a script for printing. here is the whole issue, thanks in advance:

i am creating this database for someone else but we will call this the Cookie Database :-)

One layout is: Cookie Recipes. Multiple records of different kinds of cookie and their recipes.

One layout is: Personal Records, in this layout is a list of Checkboxes of the different kinds of cookies in the Cookie Recipes Layout. I will check which types of cookies this person likes.

The script I need help with is: that when I print this person's record, it also prints the different cookie recipes from the Cookie Recipes Layout *BASED* on the selected checkboxes.

ex: if Jane likes sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies, i will check the appropriate checkboxes in her record. when i print her record, the recipes for sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and gingerbread cookies will also print. i can then send her the recipes in the mail, for her to make and enjoy :-) Is everyone now as hungry as I am?!?

thanks for any insight and help!