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Please Help. How to open a folder on my mac.....

Question asked by Palladio on May 14, 2013


Please Help. How to open a folder on my mac.....


     ......from a record.

     This is easy in Bento. Insert new field....filelist...... then just drag and drop folders, files etc into it. They open when double clicked.

     FMP 12 does not seem to allow references or 'drag and drop'  to folders.

     What I' trying to acheive (names changed to protect the vulnerable/dumb):      In the Flintstone household, Wilma has photos (many views) of each of all her (many) dresses. On the mac they are stored in folders: ...../wardrobe_A/dress_1.jpg etc......

     a URL for one dress in FMP would be: file:///flintsone/wilma/wardrobe_1/dress_23/view_17.jpg

     Fred, nice-guy, has built a database for Wilma with text field: "Wardrobe" which contains the name of the wardrobe (which is the same as the name of the folder on the mac)......Wilma has many wardrobes..... and a field with the name of the dress (also the name of the folder).

     So Wilma has a series of records of her dresses. The layout shows one referenced photo in a container and the two fields "Wardobe" and "Dress".

     Fred (me) wants to put a button on the form, which when clicked takes Wilma to the folder that is parsed from the data in the record:


     How do I do this in filemaker pro 12?....... Please don't tell Fred that he has spent £263 on a handicapped version of Bento 4