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Please Help: Modifying/Displaying Record on barcode scan

Question asked by StevenMorlan on Nov 30, 2013
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Please Help: Modifying/Displaying Record on barcode scan


     I am very new to filemaker and purchased it for my company because I thought it would be faster than coding the site manually and using SQL. 

     I am using the built in Inventory system that comes with the new filemaker pro.

     I created a new Layout called "Check In" which has a field named search code that is part of Inventory.

     So far I wrote a script that is supposed to onObjectKeyStroke fire an action when 10 or 13 is entered, which does not work. 

     I have also tried to get a button to display a Record on the Details layout. Nothing works. 

     How do I set which product is displayed on the Details Layout?
     How do I modify an existing record using text entered into a text field?

     Basically, I need to be able to scan in a barcode, and have the record that contains that barcode be updated. (How I will know an item has been checked in to the warehouse.)

     Any help is greatly appreciated.