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    Please, how to use external files in a runtime solution?



      Please, how to use external files in a runtime solution?


      Hi. I'm new with filemaker. I just created a database with several tables. This is intended for several users in different locations, so I hire a filemaker hosting service to test it online. Instant web publishing works very slow and with major limitations. But it works fine via fmnet, using my copy of filemaker where i created a second file with no tables and with a link to the hosted one instead as external datasource.


      A friend of mine using FMAdvanced created a runtime solution for me to test but it doesn't work (it doesn't recognize the external reference) and we have no idea about how to solve it.


      The runtime solutions would be perfect for us. Are the runtime solutions unable to use external datasources at all or simply not in internet? It is posible in a local network or in a private virtual network?


      is there any way to get what i need without having to purchase filemaker licenses for all of my users?


      your help will be very apreciated. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          A FileMaker Pro runtime solution is designed solely for single-user and will not work via a network.  Also, external sources are not supported.  For more information, look at the FileMaker Pro Advanced Development Guide at www.filemaker.com/documentation.  You can either use Instant Web Publishing with FileMaker Pro, or use Custom Web Publishing with FileMaker Server.  If you want users to share FileMaker files over a network, then each user would need their own copy of FileMaker Pro.



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            How complex is your solution?  A well written FileMaker PHP app could work for you.  This would allow your team to access the files without having to buy a client seat for everyone.  Instant Web Publishing is great for very small deployment, but using FX.php or the API for PHP would be much better.  You will see a great improvement in speed, security and flexibility.


            There are a couple of great books on Amazon on FileMaker Web Publishing and many very active forums.


            As TSGal said Runtime solutions will not work, you should investigate custom web publishing.


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