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Pls help a noob!

Question asked by piedpiperx on Jul 15, 2009
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Pls help a noob!


I'm totally new to filemaker PC...


I think I'm trying a simple task but don't know how.


I would like to create a simple "Time Track" database for my very small compnay


Here is what I need it to do!


Have a layout, where the admin would plug in data such as


-Employee name

-Client name

-Project (code name)

-Task performs


Now there would be a separate layout where employees would plug in data using selections from from what the admin plugged into the database


So the employee would select from dropdown list

-Employee name

-Client name

-Project name

-Task performs

-Start time (in hours)

-end time (in hours)


Here is where I'm lost


I need it to be smart


-Project name should be related to client name, so as an example, the drop down list would only have project names that are specific to the client





Client name

-Companie 1



-Companie 2




So in the the employee layout when the employee selects client name, the only option that should appear in the dropdown list is:

-company 1

-company 2


So the employee selects "company 2" - next for project name only data that should appear in the drop down list is:




Make sense?


I will monitor this tread all day...and will answer or clarify any questions that may arise.