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    Pls help a noob!



      Pls help a noob!


      I'm totally new to filemaker PC...


      I think I'm trying a simple task but don't know how.


      I would like to create a simple "Time Track" database for my very small compnay


      Here is what I need it to do!


      Have a layout, where the admin would plug in data such as


      -Employee name

      -Client name

      -Project (code name)

      -Task performs


      Now there would be a separate layout where employees would plug in data using selections from from what the admin plugged into the database


      So the employee would select from dropdown list

      -Employee name

      -Client name

      -Project name

      -Task performs

      -Start time (in hours)

      -end time (in hours)


      Here is where I'm lost


      I need it to be smart


      -Project name should be related to client name, so as an example, the drop down list would only have project names that are specific to the client





      Client name

      -Companie 1



      -Companie 2




      So in the the employee layout when the employee selects client name, the only option that should appear in the dropdown list is:

      -company 1

      -company 2


      So the employee selects "company 2" - next for project name only data that should appear in the drop down list is:




      Make sense?


      I will monitor this tread all day...and will answer or clarify any questions that may arise.



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          Makes perfect sense, but it's not necessarily easy to do.  You'll need at least 4 tables: Employees, Clients, Projects (& possibly tasks ), and Tasks Performed.  FM will automatically create a layout for each table.  Most of these you'll want to hide from the regular employees, either through access privileges or unchecking the 'Include in layout menus'. 


          You'll then need to create the layout for the employees to use when entering tasks, and this is the tricky part.  It's going to involve scripting, dynamic value lists, and the proper relationships.  Feel up to the task?

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            Most definitely – I will do whatever you say… this will be great working this out.

             I'm all ears!


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              Cool I have the 4 tables created and each has one field using the same name as the table


              -Employee = filed Name

              -Client = field client

              -Project = field project

              -Task Performes = field task


              Did I do this right?

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                   Sent you a pm with a link to a sample db.