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    Plug-in use



      Plug-in use


       I need to add Gantt charts to an existing solution. I have downloaded and installed (I think) several plug-ins that will enable me to do this. The instructions for all however seem to suggest that I Type in various Functions and the appropriate parameters to get them working. HOWEVER, and obviously this is 'cause I'm an idiot, nobody seems to bother to tell me WHERE I type in all this lovely information. I had assumed it was into a script but I cannot see how I get the Functions to appear in a script? Anybody like to show their superiority and explain what I am missing?

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          1. What existing solution? yours?
          2. What plugins did you download and install?
          3. Will this be compiled to a runtime?
          4. What are you trying to make charts of in your solution?
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          PS - It doesn't make you an idiot to ask a question you do not know the answer to, in fact quite the opposite...an inteligent person knows when to ask for assistance.
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            1. Yes, a system for tracking our company logistics.

            2. 360Works charts and xmChart.

            3. No

            4. I want to chart vehicle usage so that it is easy to see when vehicles are not available.

            and thanks for your support re. your PS.



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              What I thought was a simple question seems to have stumped the entire Filemaker community! I have had a single response, (which was to ask further questions) and since then nothing! I could really do with some help on this matter.


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                Now, I find myself ducking and diving and weaving whenever I find a problem draws me towards a Plug-in as a solution.  I have never seen one yet that doesn't come with what seems like the first 10 pages of the manual missing, and then a few random ones after that, just in case you thought you'd grasped it.  I think the instructions are all written by the people who have been designing it night and day for months or years.  Well, of course they would be, but in order to write a useful manual they need to regress back to what it was like when they knew nothing of it.  I have seen some amazing Plug-Ins that took me a week to figure out, and when I did I could explain them to my colleague in 2 minutes flat.  I have no idea why their documentation is so poor, but if not understanding how to get a Plug-in running (even one you've paid quite a few peanuts for and could reasonably expect good documentation with, and yes, I include [deleted with hindsight] in that) makes you an idiot then so am I, and I've met a few others who would fail that test too.  It just gets even more maddening when you finally crack it and realise that, actually, it's a dashed good tool, if only...

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                  Best place to go when deailing with a specific plug in is to the developer that created it.

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                    Sorry I got very busy, life happened. hehehe

                    First, I agree with Phil...

                    Second, They make a great plugin that will do exactly what you want...as far as just figuring it out I am sure once you hit that "Ahhh" moment it will all make sense. They have forums on their site (the plugin creator) that have excellent support so your best bet is to go there.

                    Also - doesn't hurt to do one more check that your table relationships are correct, it is easy to be doing the right things but have just one relationship incorrect and it throws things off and causes all kinds of unexpected wierdness.