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    Plugin Feasability Question



      Plugin Feasability Question


           I've had some trouble trying to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish, and so I am considering writing a plugin. Essentially, I am trying to create a report which Is created from a number of layouts and combined into a single PDF. The report will be for a single individual, but I want to bring in information from related records in 5 different related tables, and this number could increase in the future. Up to now, I have been doing this by using portals and multiple layouts to handle different conditions to keep the layout print friendly. These threads can give some background.

      Collating Layouts

      Using multiple layouts to create a single dynamic layout

           Essentially, right now I know that there is an append option when saving a PDF, but it automatically inserts a pagebreak. This is inconvenient because some of the lists that I am appending may have a single record which is only one line long, and this report is meant to be relatively brief, so I want to keep it to as few pages as possible.

           My quesiton is, before I spend hours (and possibly dollars) figuring out how to develop a plugin, whether writing a plugin that combines layuots into a single PDF was even possible.

           I have a decent amount of experience coding in C and Java, but it has been a few years since I have looked at either.