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Plugin installation or overwriting

Question asked by User24618 on Aug 14, 2015


Plugin installation or overwriting


Hi guys, 

Is there a way to delete a plugin via a script in FileMaker?

Here's the issue: An older plugin included in our solution breaks when loaded in FileMaker 14. This problem causes FileMaker to disable the plugin and it shows a null version number. However, instead of clearing out the bad plugin and installing the update (which is kept in a container field and is checked/installed on start-up), FileMaker skips over installing the update completely, leaving the inactive plugin. 

The only solution I have right now is far from ideal: go into the AppData or User/Library manually and delete the offending files before running the update. To do this on all client computers would be too involved. 

Please let me if there are workarounds to this issue.


- Joseph