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      PO & Inventory control


           i feel like this is a basic question but for the life of me i cant figure out a way to do it.

           i have one database with multiple tables.  one is a Purchase Order (PO) that has fields paired with the product table.  that pairing works perfectly.  but what i would like is to have the inventory i have entered into the PRODUCT table go up and down in accordance to ordered entered into the POs.

           again i feel like this should be easy but just having a brain fart.  any direction would be appreciated.


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               Purchase Order = items you have ordered to increase your inventory? That seems unusual that you would immediately increase your inventory at the time you place such an order unless you have very fast, very reliable vendors supplying that product. But maybe you are logging a decrease in inventory due to selling product to a customer (which is usually not called a "purchase order" but rather an "order" or "invoice".)

               See this thread for a discussion of how to use the "line items" part of a typical invoicing system to log immediate inventory changes. A similar set up with Purchase Orders could also log increases in inventory.

          Managing Inventory using a Transactions Ledger