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Pointing to the right record in a portal

Question asked by MarkBanin on Aug 14, 2015
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Pointing to the right record in a portal


Windows 8.1    FM14  (Filemaker User for 4 months)

I have an Employer table called "Family" (Parent), a Candidate table called "Au Pair" (Parent), A Interview table (Child) and a Documents table (Child)

In the Employer table, I have a portal which shows the interviews lined up.  When I'm ready to Email the details and documents of the prospective Candidate. I press a button in the portal which exports the documents to a folder on my desktop and then prepares the details of the interview in an email (I then manually attach the exported files into email).  Now I can get the two parts working separately.  But when I try to put them together; the export works but It picks whichever is the first candidate in the portal for the email.

What I'm struggling with is how to get it to point to the right candidate (Au Pair) so that the email fills in the right details.

Any help would be greatly appreciated