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Pop over fields from related table

Question asked by JohnDow on Jun 3, 2014
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Pop over fields from related table



     I am totally new at this so appreciate any help possible.

     I have a database with two tables that are related by names (of persons).  The main table is the one used for all the tabs and the fields.  The related table has information about the names in the first table (phone number, etc).  When the name is entered in a field from the first table I would like to have a Pop Over button show the information about the name.  There are up to 10 fields that would show a different name (each field has a different Field Name) so after each field I would like a Pop Over button related to that specific name.  I once got a Pop Over to show the information about one name, but all the other Pop Overs showed the same information.  After trying more, I now do not get any information in the Pop Over.  I have read other posts on Pop Overs but they do not seem to address this.