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pop up Alarm

Question asked by thong127 on Jul 8, 2009
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pop up Alarm


Hi all members of the forum,


These are some of the contents of my dataBase


Product Name 

Expiration Date

Quantity Received

Quantity Used

Quantity Balance


On the quantity balance I made a calculation "Quantity received - Quantity Used" and my problem is I would like to make a script for a pop up reminder that will remind me if the quantity balance of any material reached to a certain level (10% level) based from the Quantity received.


I have a script for the reminder based from a birthdate reminder which I have read.


1. Enter find mode []

2. Set Field[Reorder:: Quantity Balanced: If(Reorder::Quantity Balanced {lessthan or equal   to} .1*Reorder::Quantity Received;""]

3. Performe Find[]

4. Set variable[$found;Value:Get( FoundCount )]

5. If [$found>0]

6. Set variable [$counter; value:1]

7. Loop

8. Set Variable[$names; Value:$names & GetNthRecord(Reorder:

9. Exit Loop If($counter = $found]

10. Set Variable [$Counter; value:$counter + 1]

11. End Loop

12. Show Custom Dialog["Attention! Reorder Products"; "Products Need to Reorder:¶" & $names]

13. End If


Kindly help me organize the script based from my data.


Thank you very much.