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    pop up banner with text



      pop up banner with text


      I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this probably simple solution.

      I have 2 fields (if there is a shorter better way, please let me know), 1) Not approved (check box) 2) not_app_banner.

      If I check the box, Not Approved, I want the Field (not_app_banner) to display on the screen ( I have it big to cover a large portion of the screen to make it noticeable) .  I have the calculation and everything is working as it should except when the box is not checked the big banner is still on the screen and a big white text box covering important data on every record.

      The question is how can if set it to i guess be transparent until i check the box, I tried send backwards  and back that just does that.  Any help is appreciated.

      Case (
      not_approved = "1";"Not Approved to Operate";

      " ")