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    Pop Up Data Entry Screens - POSSIBLE?



      Pop Up Data Entry Screens - POSSIBLE?




      FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced (10.0 v3)


      I have a client (chiropractor) that I'm just moving into the development stages with. He threw me a curve ball I'm not sure I can catch...


      What he would like is to have a screen that shows a variety of tests (represented by buttons) that he'd like to perform on patients. When he clicks on a button he'd like it to pop up a screen with 3 to 5 fields for each test. When the last field is populated, the pop up would disappear and he'd be back where he started, ready to select another test.


      I know I can create a multitude of layouts, with a similar concept as described above, but it wouldn't have the appearance that a pop up would have.


      I have not pursued the "Why" in his desire to have pop ups vs switching to another layout. And I don't know the impact on performance differences of one method over the other.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.

      David S

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          Howdy Dave,


          If the button opened a new window with a data entry layout it could look very much like a popup depending on how you design the graphics and place the window.


          Additionally, you could switch layouts on the existing window and still have it "look like" a popup (even though it isn't one).


          When the last field is filled in, trigger a script to close the window and you'll be left where you started...


          What am I missing?


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            It can be done with a script that uses either the New Window script step or Go To Related Records with the New Window options specified.


            You have to do a few scripting tricks to make the popped up window "modal". (Keeps the user from bringing the underlying large window to the front--hiding the pop up window--simply by clicking on the larger window.) And you have to add a few extra steps on windows machines to keep the underlying window from resizing in an undesirable way if you have it maximized.


            There are a number of examples here on the forum if you search for them, but they all use variations of this basic script:


            New Window [//specify size, location and name of new windo in these parameters]

            #Adjust underlying window so that it is as close to "maximized" as possible. Window is assumed to have same name as the file name (default)

            Move/Resize Window [ Name: Get (Filename ) ; Current File ; Height: Get (ScreenHeight) ; Width: Get ( ScreenWIdth ) ; Top: 0 ; Width: 0 ]

            Show/Hide Status Area [Lock; Hide]

            Allow User Abort [off]

            Go To Layout [//select layout for your pop up.]


               #All user actions that dismiss the popup must use Halt Script to terminate this endless loop

               Pause/Resume Script

            End Loop