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    pop up list using second field



      pop up list using second field



           I have a pop up list field using related parent ID and display value from second field (different table)


           actual value using ID                               display value from different table

           Solution : 13                         ===>           Solution : remove the cover

           I m stuck here, if i m doing the portal, report or summary, this field only show the ID instead of the name. Anyway I can get the exact name on the field?




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               If you use a pop up menu, you'll see the second field value in it at all times.

               In other cases, as with a drop down list, you can define a relationship matching the IDs between the table where you are using the value list and the table that stores the values for the value list. (And this can be one and the same table...) Then you can place the field 2 value from the related table on your layout.

               One drop down list trick is to place this "name field" from the related table on top of the drop down list field. Give the name field an opaque fill color, use behavior settings to deny browse mode access to the field and remove any "arrow" option for the drop down list format. When you click on the visible name field, the drop down list hidden behind it pops to the front and deploys, when you select a value, it disappears back behind the name field and the name field updates to display "remove the cover" instead of "13".

               There are also script supported methods that make it possible to use an auto-complete drop down list of names to look up the ID. Such scripts can also be set up to handle names for new items and names that match duplicate entries in the values table.