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    POP UP menu



      POP UP menu




      I am new to filemaker 10, please help me find where i can make a field a pop up menu. How I make this pop up!

      thanks Pedro F

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          Check out the help menu...it has a nice explanation of how to set it up.


          1.  Create a Value List (you'll need to provide some more info if you need help with this...so we know what you are trying to do).

          2.  In the field setup dialog, change the option "Edit Box" to Pop-up Menu and select the Value List it is supposed to use.

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            thanks for your reply, but I have followed your advise but when I go to pop up from a field named color, and typed in layout menu orange green and white - colors that i want to choose, when i go back to browse menu, in the field named color, they do not appear when i get into the color field. how can i do to have then shown?


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              "Typed in Layout Menu orange green and white" - I assume that means you created the value list?!


              The next step...In layout mode, double-click the field.  It will open a menu (see below, may vary depending on the version of FM you are using).  Change the option "Edit Box" to "Pop-up menu" and then it will ask you to specify a Value List.