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Pop up menu from costumers

Question asked by AlexTorry on Feb 4, 2011
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Pop up menu from costumers


I Have a table for costumers and then another table for recording their payments, the problem i am having is that in order to select a costumer to record a payment I decided to ad a pop up menu field to get the values from the customers recorded on my customer list.

The strange part comes when specifying the fields for the value list on which for the first field i select the value k_pacientesID which is the key for my customers and then i want it to display the values form the full name field so when the pop up comes i know which customer i want to select instead of the id number.

I click on the "Show values only from the second field" So i don't get the key from the customers on the pup up and only get the names.

But when i try to use the pop up it only displays one of the customers on my customers table.

Any idea why?