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Pop Up Menu Valued Lists

Question asked by KaraAmsinger on Jan 25, 2010
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Pop Up Menu Valued Lists




I have tons of drop down fields on my database that have valued list in each.


I want it where I can use the pop up menu feature to display my valued list, because I like how I can see all my items in the valued list without having to scroll down. However, I noticed when I do a find it doesn't do an exact match, bc some of the items in the valued list have similar words. 


For example, in my categories pop up menu valued list, I have about 20 different items you can select from. 2 items are called "on facebook" and "not on facebook".


But since I am using the pop up menu, when I enter in my find criteria and lets say I select "on facebook" to find everyone in the database that is on facebook, in my perform find it will not only pull up "on facebook" but also "not on facebook".


With a drop down option I noticed that I can enter in "==" in front of the item I want to find to tell it to find the exact match of words, but with the Pop Up menu option I cant enter in the "==" in front of the "on facebook" so it will only find that exact match.  I would use the drop down option however I don't like it that I have to scroll down to see all my items in that list. 


If someone knows resolution I would be very grateful.