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Pop up window?

Question asked by StuartWalker on Jul 2, 2012
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Pop up window?



I have a setup which I'm sorting out a invoice area but running out of room.

i have invoice print, iinvoice email, save invoice, invoice reminder 1, invoice final reminder.

Ive ran out of room to put date boxes for each action now is there a way i can make a pop up window so when i press invoice button it pops up a window with all the buttons on and when pressed it disappears.


My button actions are scripts to create pdf,save on server, attach to email and send, also put a date in the box relivent.

another thing too,

Is there a way so when the a button is pressed and the date is put in the text box, if pressed again how do i tell it not to over write contents already there.


Oh and another thing now i remember  :)

how do i get it to put in date and time like this     21/05/12 - 15:30


thanks all for any assistance.