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      Pop Up Windows



      I Know you can use dialog boxes for some things, but is there a way of having a custom made layout open in a preset sized window which shows only the layout and none of the settings or toolbars ?

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          You have script steps that can hide and lock the tool bar. You have window control script steps that can specify the location and size of the window. If you are trying to set up windows that pop up as a dialog box for inputting data, let me know. I can both describe that method in more details and provide a download like to a file that uses that method if you want to examine an actual file to see how it can be done.

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            As always thanks a lot phil, yeah thats what i am trying to achieve if you have that file that will great and your advise of course :)

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              The New window command can open a new window and the parameters you specify will determine its location and size. After opening the window, you can use go to layout to select the layout for the new window and use Show/Hide status area to hide and lock the status area.

              This script fragment will make the pop up "modal" so that the user can't interact with any othe FileMaker window until they close the new window:

              Allow User Abort [off]
                 Pause/Resume [Indefinitely]
              End Loop

              This is an infinite loop that cannot be aborted, so use with care. It's safest to leave out the Allow user abort step until you have fully tested your scripts as it can trap you in a situation where you can't close the window without force quitting filemaker.

              To close the window with the above script looping infinitely, you use a button that either has the Halt script option selected instead of resume or the last step of the button's script is Halt Script. This halt script action will halt the looping script and thus return things to normal. If you use FileMaker advanced, you can set up a custom menu that substitutes the normal close window option in the file menu with a script that closes the window and then uses halt script to cancel the looping script.

              If you use this method with a windows computer with maximized windows, new window resizes the parent window--which can look really bad. To minimize this effect, your script can resize the underlying window out to the largest unmaximized size possible to minimize this undesirable effect.

              The known bugs list database uses several such pop up dialogs. The Open Version History Popup is one of the simpler ones used for this. Note that parameters are passed to these scripts so that different buttons can pop up the same window, but with different display options specified for them.