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    Pop Up Yes No



      Pop Up Yes No


      I have another problem...

      I need a pop up menu associated with a click of a button within a layout to ask for confirmation of saving data from the current transaction.

      I tried making another layout just for the yes/no buttons and it's not really nice.

      I want it like it shows over the current layout...

      Please help me... Cry

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          Hi Bea,

          It sounds like you want a Custom Dialog Box requesting confirmation.  You can begin the script triggered by the button on your layout with a Custom Dialog defined with 2 buttons.  The script might look something like:

                Show Custom Dialog ["Transaction Confirmation"; "Are you sure you want to make this transaction?"]  /*Button1="Cancel", Button2="YES"*/

                If [Get(LastMessageChoice)=2]

                      /*Include the rest of your script here*/

                End If []