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pop-up / open a pdf from a container field using a variable

Question asked by linuxpad on Dec 17, 2012
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pop-up / open a pdf from a container field using a variable


          I am looking to pop-up or open a pdf file using a stored container field.  What I would like to do is make a certain pdf file pop-up once the id(number) has been typed into a field.  The user would then be required to read and close out the pdf file before they can go on to the next field.

          The number field called portal::s_number I am referencing is in a portal, but all the pdf files are not in this field.  I know the container field cannot be in a portal.

          They are in another table and field called documents::pdfs.  I have another id field called pdf_number, this is the field I am referencing to open the document.

          So basically when portal::s_numer =2, then open documents::pdf_number=2..  I only want to open specific pdf's.  So if a users types 4, nothing will happen if there is not a pdf.

          From my understanding so far it appears I will need to use the export field contents in a script just not sure how..

          I need help with setting and passing the variables..  

          Any help would be greatly appriciated..