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    Pop-up default



      Pop-up default


      Is there a way to change the Pop-up list default from a blank to the first option in the list?

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          Set up the field you are formatting with this value list to auto-enter the first value of your value list. This can be set up in Manage | Database | Fields | Field Options | auto - enter. This can be done by entering a specific value into the data box or you can set up a calculation such as:

          GetValue ( ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "YourValueListNameHere" ) ; 1 )

          This second option will automatically update if you later redefine the value list to have a different first value.

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            Thanks that works beautifully.

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              I seem to have another problem.  The pop-up default value is the first value in the list (OK) but now when I try to make another selection I get a message that says the field can not be modified.

              I have four values OK, Rej, N/O and N/A.  I want all records to default to OK because each inspection I do has about 50 inspection points (records).  Most inspection points are OK so it saves a lot of time if I only have to change a few to Rej, N/A or N/O.

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                If the field cannot be modified, you have set up a calculation field instead of a data field with an auto-enter field option.