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Pop-Up Form Creation

Question asked by hsutton47 on Jan 18, 2010
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Pop-Up Form Creation


Hello, totally new to Filemaker.  There are two things I am trying to do and am totally lost. I am trying to re-create a very old legacy Contacts-type db using a pre-made FM Contacts db as a starting base.


1.  First, in a Browser-type form display the old db takes 3 fields (NameFirst NameLast and Company) and combines them into one sorted calculated result.


If the record has all 3 fields populated, the display shows format "NameLast, NameFirst - Company" in the browser's sorted list.

If the record only has the Company field populated, then that field appears in the sorted list.

And of course if only the Last/First Name fields are used, those appear in the sorted list.


I notcied in a pre-made FM Contacts db, they have these three fields in a browser display along with a calculated "Full Name" field.  I duplicated it to play with it and try to break it down so I could get the affect I need.


This is what is there now:  


Evaluate ( "Name_First & \" \" & Name_Last" ; [Name_First ; Name_Last] ) 

which results in this exampled display in the browser form:  John Smith


What I am trying to do is first, reverse those two fields [Name_Last] followed by a comma & space, then [Name_First] followed by space-dash-space & [Company] field


What I did was:


Evaluate ( "Name_Last & \" \" & Name_First & \"\" & Company" ; [Name_Last ; Name_First;Company] )


The display result is:                  Smith JohnABC Company

I am trying for the result:           Smith, John - ABC Company


If only the company field is populated, the result would be "ABC Company" and the separating characters of ", " and " -" would be discarded.


If only the NameFirst & NameLast are populated, the result would be "Smith, John" and the " -" used to plug in the [Company] field would be dropped.



2.  Once that is done, if a user needs to edit that combination, I want to duplicate what the old program does.  If you click on a button next to the calculated Name/Comapny field, a pop-up form appears for that record with the 3 fields available for editing.  Once you edit the fields as needed and save it, the form disappears and the underlying displayed browser form shows the edited result by refreshing/recalculating the field.



Regarding the pop-up form, I can create a form with desired fields but cannot figure out how to "shape it" into a small window that then would pop-up when clicking a button on the browser form.  Any help to point me in that direction greatly appreciated.


Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Hershel