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Pop-up list not populating

Question asked by AmberEdwards_1 on Mar 14, 2013
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Pop-up list not populating


     I have two tables, one that has employee names (Employee) and one that has tasks to be completed (Basic Tasks).  One Employee, there is a field for first_name, last_ name and a calculation field (Name) to combine them (first_name & " " & last_name) They are linked by a field called ID (in the employee table it is a serial number). On the employee table it is EmployeeID and on the Basic Tasks table it is BTID.

     I am trying to place a pop-up menu on the Basic Tasks layout  to select employee name. I put a field into Basic tasks for the linked ID field (BTID).  Then I made a value list that pulled the EmployeeID first, then displayed the Name field.  I also selected the show second value only.  When I do this, in the pop-up menu I get a little check box and a ?.  Sometimes just a ?.

     I have tried also a drop-down list and get the same results. If I allow both values to be shown (in a drop-down list), it functions correctly.

     This seems like I am doing something simple but I can not figure it out.  Thanks