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Pop-up Menu

Question asked by DustFairy on Jan 20, 2015
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Pop-up Menu


I am having a real problem in getting a pop-up menu to work properly.

I have three tables that I am working with for the pop-up.

Companies------<Units----< Inspections

I have a Company value list and Unit value list that both fill from the field as new companies and units are added.

On the Unit layout I have a Company pop-up and Unit pop-up that works well.  It displays data from fk CompanyID but only displays the second value from the Value list (as I want it to).

I can not get the Company pop-up to work on the Inspection layout.  I have tried virtually every combination of display  fields.

I am pretty sure the Values should still come from the Company value list and it would seem to me that the field I select when I set up the field should be fk Company ID from the Unit table.  That does not work, neither does pk Company ID from the Company table.

Any suggestions from anyone.