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Question asked by centerforart on Sep 25, 2009
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pop-up menu & scripts for all the options on the menu




I am very new to the FileMaker world but I'm getting the hang of the basics very well. However the more advanced/dynamic scripts and such I am having some trouble with. So if you do have time to respond/give instructions, please feel free to be very detailed even with seemingly basic stuff (i.e. going to "File > Manage > etc).


We have FileMaker Pro 10 on MAC, version 10.4.11.


I'm not sure how to describe this without giving very detailed backround so please bear with me here.


We have a database all about our partners. One of the fields in our database is a Radio Button set, and specifies if the partner is a  "Current", "Past", or "Potential" partner. I have already made buttons that run a script to display records of only "Current", "Past", OR "Potential" partners and it works just fine.


There is another field in a database, which is a Checkbox Set, describing which area of our department these partners work with: "CSF", "Center Student Grants", "Community Arts", "SMART", "Engage at CCA", and "AFC".


We would like to have the ability to make a Pop-Up Menu specyfing various scripts that finds "Current", "Past", or "Potential" partners but within a specific department as described in the other field.


So the options in our Pop-Up Menu would be:


"Display Current CSF Partners"

"Display Past CSF Partners"

"Display Potential CSF Partners"

"Display Current SMART Partners"

"Display Past SMART Partners"

"Display Potential SMART Partners"


And so on for each department listed above.


And this is where I was stumped. I did make a Pop-Up Menu listing each option we want, but from there I wasn't sure what to do or where to go.


I did a search online and on the forums but all I could find were results for one particular item in a pop-up menu needing a script vs. ALL of the options in the pop-up menu needing to run a different (but similar, obviously) script. I couldn't seem to apply the same suggestions in those threads to what we would like to have.


I really hope I was clear and coherent :) thanks in advance for any help and please let me know if you need more information. Or if you need me to to clairfy further.