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Pop-Up Menu Population Problem

Question asked by villagehelpdesk on Mar 21, 2012
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Pop-Up Menu Population Problem



I'm new to filemaker and I've read through a number of the forum posts to try and figure out how to create a pop-up menu chain where your current field relates to all previous pop-up menus in a chain of pop-up menus. So far, I've seen up to two pop-up menu systems explained using value lists and a single relationship, but I haven't found anything that really breaks down a solution for a higher order problem.

For my project, I'm building a work order tracking solution for a school housing department, and I'm currently working on the room locator portion. For this part of the project, I have five fields: Region, Building, Floor, Unit, & Room. Starting off, after the region is selected from an initial pop-up menu, the second pop-up menu is populated with only buildings from that particular housing region. This is pretty easy to do. Now for me, the major roadblock then becomes having the third pop-up menu (Floors) only show available floors from that particular building within that designated region. Compound that with then wanting the fourth pop-up menu (Units) to only show available units that correspond to that specific floor from that specific building inside that specific region. Then finally, want only available rooms from the specific set of all the previous fields in the pop-up menu chain. So basically the chain would consist of Regions -> Buildings -> Floors -> Units -> Rooms, where the rooms are only at most 4 available choices from the user end of things.

I've seen this sort of long relationship hierarchy chain done in so many places (job applications, university locators, address programs), and I'm really struggeling to figure out how to do this inside of filemaker. Hopefully someone can shed some light into how this can be done.