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Pop-up menu selection returns blank value

Question asked by k1ngf1sher on Feb 19, 2010
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Pop-up menu selection returns blank value


Hi all, I'm stumped right now.  I have a pop-up menu that draws from a value list (Storage_type) that shows the contents from the table and field Operation::Storage_type based on a related table (Site:: ).  The pop-up menu contains the correct values when I click on the field, but the field returns to blank after I tab or click into another field.  The field with the pop-up menu is not covered over by another field and is arranged to be on top of any other layout objects.  I have two other similar pop-up menus on the same layout, and both have the same underlying structure (i.e., shows values from a field from a related table) as this field, but they do not have the same problem.  Any ideas on what could be happening?


Thanks for your attention to my message.