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Pop-up Menù Vs Drop Down List

Question asked by fabiuz on Nov 2, 2010
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Pop-up Menù Vs Drop Down List



I am using the try out version of FMP, I am trying to build a little relational db where the "id" fields are used to link the tables.

When I build the layout to insert new data, I would like to insert the id of the related table in one field of the "main" table and I want to show the related table description istead of the id.

So suppose that I have the tables "Products" and "Categories": the field "id_category" is present on both tables and the category description is available on the table "Categories".

What I am doing is:

1. add the Products::id_category field in my layout,

2. select the id_category object and then I go to Inspector > Data > Control Style,

3. select Pop-up menu,

4. select the "Values from" field button,

5. create a Value List where I select "use values from field".

6. then I select the table "Categories" and id_category field in the first column,

7. I select "display values from second field" and then Categories::description.

8. Finally I select "Show values only from second field".

I confirm all and I open the layout.

What I have is:

- the list is correct, description is showed instead of id_category. Works when the value has been selected also.

- I cannot use the keyboard only to input data into the layout: the TAB key and any other key is not working on the Pop-up menù field type. I have to use the mouse all the times.

If I change the object Control Style option to "Drop Down List" I got the opposite:

- the list is correct but when a values is selected it shows the id_category value instead of description;

- I can use the keybord and TAB to fill my data, no mouse is needed.

Is there any way to get this:

1. description is showed instead of id_category even when a value is selected.

2. I can use the keybord and TAB to fill my data, no mouse is needed.