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    Pop-up menu: 2 issues



      Pop-up menu: 2 issues


      Hi folks

      FM Pro Advanced 11.0.2 on MAC OS X.

      I have a pop-up menu in the header of a layout that uses a value list. In the body part below, a list of records is shown. I'm experiencing two issues with the pop-up menu:

      1. Sometimes, for instance when I scroll down the scroll bar of the window to see the lower records, the pop-up menu cannot be clicked any more. There's just no reaction. After clicking somewhere on empty space in between records, the popup menu works again.

      2. When I right-click on the pop-up menu, a menu opens that allows sorting the value list (ascending, descending or even according to another value list, which are all shown). I'm building a runtime application, and NO user is supposed to be able to sort the value list, nor to see what value lists I have defined. How to hide that menu?

      Thanks for your advice!

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          Hi Batman,


          1) This has been a bug which has been in the system since vs. 9.  Any time you have a pop-up in the header and scroll out of view of the record you are on, the pop-up becomes unavailable.  You can search in the Report A Bug for the specific link ... unfortunately I don't have time to find it for you right now.

          2) You must use custom menus to restrict.  Sorting is sorting all main records and not the value list.  Value lists come as they are (ascending). 

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            1. I see. Here are two threads I found about the issue:



            FM 9 is three years old now and they haven't fixed the bug yet??? That's not a good sign...

            2. I do use custom menus. It's just that I need the ability / allow users to be able to sort records, hence I can't remove the sort menu item. I just realized that the users can see the value lists also from the "Sort Records" window ("Custom order based on value list"). Is there no way to hide just the value lists from the users?