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Pop-up menu: 2 issues

Question asked by BatMan on Jul 2, 2010
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Pop-up menu: 2 issues


Hi folks

FM Pro Advanced 11.0.2 on MAC OS X.

I have a pop-up menu in the header of a layout that uses a value list. In the body part below, a list of records is shown. I'm experiencing two issues with the pop-up menu:

1. Sometimes, for instance when I scroll down the scroll bar of the window to see the lower records, the pop-up menu cannot be clicked any more. There's just no reaction. After clicking somewhere on empty space in between records, the popup menu works again.

2. When I right-click on the pop-up menu, a menu opens that allows sorting the value list (ascending, descending or even according to another value list, which are all shown). I'm building a runtime application, and NO user is supposed to be able to sort the value list, nor to see what value lists I have defined. How to hide that menu?

Thanks for your advice!