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    Pop-up Menus



      Pop-up Menus


           Hello All, long time no see.


           I have a list view of a set of proposals entered by users.  The first field for each proposal is the proposal number. 

           Here is what I want to do:

           I want to click on the proposal number and have it open a pull down or pop-up menu with three choices:  Requires additional resources, no additional resources required, and additional resources completed.  I then want the proposal number to change color, based on which of the three choices I select.  I do not want the number to change.

           Any ideas?


           running FM Pro version 11 on Windows 7

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               Use 3 conditional formats--one for each color set up on that field.

               Table::popUpMenuField = "Requires additional resources"

               Then select the fill color you want for that pop up menu value.

               Then repeat for the other two values, selecting different fill colors.

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                 I am stuck on how to click on the number and have it pop up a list without changing the number afterwards.

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                   You should use a different field for the pop up menu. It should not be the same field as the one that changes color.

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                     That I can do, I was just trying to implement what I thought was a more elegant solution.

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                       If you don't want to see the selected value in the pop up, You can place a drop down list formatted field (don't select the arrow option) behind the conditionally formatted field and use behavior setting to ban browse mode access to it. When you click on the field in front, control passes to the field behind it and you can select a value. The selected field then disappears back behind the number field after you have selected a value. You can also set up the number field as a button and use Go to Field in it's script to put the cursor in the drop down list formatted field to deploy the list if you don't want to hide it back behind the number field.

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                         Thanks.  That was a great idea.  Works just like i wanted.