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    Pop-up Menus and Trigger Scripts



      Pop-up Menus and Trigger Scripts


      I'm trying to capture information on entry and exit of fields setup with pop-up menus and it appears the trigger script is bypassed and/or delayed depdening on the entry or exit action.


      I'm having difficulty finding infomration on the functionality of pop-up menus and scripts.  Is this a normal action?


      I'm going to have to rethink my interface if this is the case.





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          Try an OnModify trigger. It works well with popups, as you only modify it once, when you let go.

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            Just found this:


            "Interaction with popup menus, list, calendar, and auto-complete

            A popup menu blocks other events from occurring. Therefore, an OnObjectEnter
            script trigger will not run a script until after the menu is dismissed. The layout
            object will not register that a change has occurred until an item is picked and the
            menu is closed. Therefore, OnObjectModify, Save, and Exit scripts run afterwards
            and will not interact with the popup menu."

            So capturing a field's data upon entry when a popup menu is employed is not as simple as an OnObjectEnter Script.


            That is a real bummer.

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              Yes, capturing the "previous" entry in the popup is harder than it should be. There is however an undocumented way to do so. Which is to send it as a Script Parameter. This works with both OnObectEnter and OnObjectModify; so you can use it with the later to set a variable to the previous value. But, as I said, undocumented. 


              I would LOVE for someone with the authority to confirm this functionality, as it is a PITA otherwise (global variable, etc.).