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    Pop-up window?



      Pop-up window?



           I'm trying my best to make a pop-up window but it doesn't work as i wish. My problem is:

           I have a button with a script that opens a new window with the size, position and that takes me to the layout I want. But when I open the new window it turns the layout that I started from into the same size and puts it in the same position behind the new window. What am I doing wrong? I want the "starting" layout to stay maximized behind the pop-up window.

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               You can't have one window Restored Down and another window Maximised – in Windows at least.

               It's a pain, because it doesn't look very nice when a pop up window appears, your main layout window has to shrink.

               I have used the following script step that makes the main window as big as possible to fit inside the instance of FMP without maximising, before showing the pop up: 

                    Move/Resize Window [ Current Window ;
                        Height: Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) - 4
                        Width: Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) - 4
                        Top: 0
                        Left: 0 ]

               Then show the pop-up, then, when you're done with the popup maximise the window again.

               It's not great, but, that's what I do when I need to.