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Pop-up Windows

Question asked by DustFairy on Feb 22, 2015
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Pop-up Windows


I have a data base where clicking on a button opens a small window beside the button.  I am building another data base and when I try to open a small window in a similar manner . The new window dialogue box asks for specific locations so the window always opens in a specific spot. I have a list view layout and it seems to make more sense to have the window open beside the button so the user has a visual reminder of which button was clicked.

Also will the window look different on my iPad than on the Mac.  The window on the database I am trying to copy is very clean.  Just a window looking at what I believe is a portal.  The window that I get on my Mac in my new database has open, minimize and close buttons on the top and small scroll buttons on the side and bottom.  (I have the Hide Toolbar script step as part of my script.)