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    pop-upmenu inside a portal


      pop-upmenu inside a portal


      Using a portal with three fields in it, TypeId, Amount, Description. TypeId is related to a table with TypeId, TypeDescription.

      Need to choose the TypeDescription using a pop-uplist from within the portal, saving the TypeId in the TypeId field.

      Can someone help me doing this... failed until now, popuplist is empty??

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          It sounds like you need an "use values from field" value list with the TypeID field specified as field 1 and the TypeDescription field specified as field 2. Make sure that you do NOT select the "include only related values option..." as you don't mention any details that would make this a relationship based conditional value list.

          A detailed, step by step description with pictures on how to set up the standard "use values from field" value list can be found as a sub topic inside The "basic conditional value list" layout of "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists". This file demonstrates 10 different types of conditional value lists--not what you describe here, but that sub topic's info may be helpful to you.

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            I know how a pop-upmenu object works. It perfectly works in a simple form but when I use it within a portal it's empty.

            I've attached my project files onto this Answer.

            Dowload them at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10907770/HU_Data.fmp12 and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10907770/HU_Enveloppe.fmp12

            Open Enveloppe and on second tab I've put a portal, the first column should be a pop-up menu. But can't get it work...

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              Yet a pop up menu works the same inside a portal as it does on a field outside of the portal, with the only key difference being value lists that specify the "include" option as the "context" from which such a list evaluates will be different when the field is inside a portal instead of outside of it. So I must gently suggest that maybe you don't know as much about how a pop up menu works as you think. That's why I suggested taking a look at the detailed set up inside that exploration file.

              I'm on an iPad now so downloading your files is not an option I currently choose to make.