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popout message

Question asked by applelakshan1 on May 5, 2012
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popout message


Hello guys , thanks for your time for reading my matter.

I have desinged the solution for tech support company , basically what it does to linked there customers and tech experts to together using web browser and administrator will use fmp11 ad version to manage the solution. i used cwp technology to bind the db to web.

What i want to achive:

01.  Client will log in  to system (web) and make service request .
02.  this service request  will have  service status = "unassign" untill admin assign the service  to tech person.
*When the new service request  by client the system send email to administrator(nothing to do with FMP, this does uisng simple php mail script) 

03. Lets assume that admin forgot to assign new service to tech person. what i like to have kind of pop out message saying "Hello  you have un assign jobs" , but   this should work every time when the solution is running.

How to acomplish this ?