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      Working in my new database I want to create a popover. I'm using it to select my Payment Options for each bill but I'm having a hard time getting it to work. If it's an object that can contain object (like a button selection) what am I doing wrong? See screenshot below:


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          How is this not working? Your screen shot looks correct.

          The next step would be to take a copy of the field that you have formatted with radio buttons, format it as an edit box and put it, with browse mode access removed on top of your popover button. An OnObjectModify trigger on the radio button field can perform a script that uses the close popover button to close the popover if you want it to close the instant the user selects a value in the popover.

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            You are correct-it does work. But I need to be able to see the select and I think the popover style is way over my head. Thanks.

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              Just curious... I sense a learning opportunity... why use a Popover vs the conventional options, such as drop-down. I would not have thought of Popover for this.

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                Your are indeed correct. I finally just created a dropdown list. But here's the thing...in the Invoice Template that is a popover that I really like in that it allowed you - in the popover - to select the option of payment choices AND THEN show not only that the bill was paid, but the date it was paid as well. I have no idea how to do that even by looking at the file! I handle not only my family bills but my mom's as well and so anything that makes it easier and at the same time a workable user interface goes a long way. I like learning new software. It was a breeze when I was younger, not so easy now...

                Thanks for the comment.


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                  I refer you back to my original post where I describe taking a copy of the same field located inside your popover and formatting it as an Edit box to display the selected value once you have dismissed the popover.