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    popover and checkboxes



      popover and checkboxes


           I want to create a button that when clicked it opens a popover and allows for check boxes, when the popover is closed, I would like to display what was checked.  I can get the checkboxes in the popover, but can't figure out how to have a field display what was chosen.  Ideally, i would like to use a merge field, but cant figure that out either.

           Attached is what I would like to accomplish



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               The check boxes in the popover can be a value list for a single field. The comma delimited list at bottom left can be a calculation field defined as:

               Substitute ( CheckBoxFieldHere ; ¶ ; ", " )

               If you don't want to allow people to click or tab into this calculation field, you can use field behavior settings on the inspector's data tab to deny Browse Mode access.