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    Popover and scripting



      Popover and scripting



           Can you script to tell a popover to open




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               The same technique long used to select a particular tab panel via a script works with pop overs also:

               Give the pop over an object name.

               Then Go to Object can be used to open the popover.

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                 Hi Phil

                 I have named the popover as “New Entry”

                 Formatted a button as - 

                 Go to Object(Object Name:”New Entry”)

            When the button is clicked it goes to the popover  and highlights it but it won’t open

                 Am I missing something obvious

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                   You've given an object name to the pop over button instead of the pop over Panel.

                   Enter layout mode. Double click the pop over button to open the pop over panel. Click the panel to select it. You want to see selection handles for the panel rather than selection handles for the button. Now give the panel an object name and specify this name in your script or button option.

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                     Many thanks

                     It works

                     Easy when you know how