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popover email script

Question asked by appt on May 1, 2014
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popover email script


     Back again with another question.

     A solution I am working on for an early childhood education centre has over 100 popover windows which when opened allow the teacher to add a photo or video to provide evidence for specific criteria. It looks and works great and just how they want it.

     I know how to write a script to save the video and attach it as an email and then send it to the parent of that child. The script is then attached to a email icon within the popover. That all works very nicely.

     But since there are more than 100 unique container fields i would need to copy/paste/edit 100+ copies of the script and attach them which is mind-numblingly dull and time-consuming.

     Is there a way to

     a) select (or identify) the container field within the open popover and

     b) write one script that then enters the name of the container field in the currently open popover so that I only have to write the script once?

     I can't see a way of doing it but I don't know everything (or even half of everything!)