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Popover Filtering Question

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Jun 25, 2015
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Popover Filtering Question


Hi all, I have a question about popover filtering.

I have a popover in my inventory layout which pops over to show my contacts table. This allows me to quickly assign a new inventory item to someone in my contacts table.

As part of this popver I also have a search tool at the top to quickly search for the contact if they don't appear in the first portal sort records.

To do this I use the below -

If ( IsEmpty ( ARTWORK::Search) ; 1 ; PatternCount (CLIENTS 2 | POPOVER::Full Name ; ARTWORK::Search) > 0 )

What I would also like to do is add the filter -

CLIENTS 2 | POPOVER::Contact Type = "Artist"

This would allow a user to see only the contacts given the contact type "artist" in the popover which would make life easier I think.

How do I add this filter to the above? I have tried "&", "or" and "/" but they don't work and generally just make the popover blank.

Thank you!